The Competitive Industries and Innovation Program (CIIP), launched in fiscal year 2013, has already proven that it delivers results - country operations and knowledge iniviatives.

Over the anticipated five-year timeframe, its partners seek to mobilize a total of US$100 million in direct support for CIIP, which they believe will in turn leverage an additional US$6-8 billion in public investments including World Bank Group lending, and a significant amount of private investment.  

The current partners have contributed approximately US$38 million so far (as of January 2015) for the quick roll-out of the program.  With the target of US$100 million, CIIP donors are exploring opportunities to broaden the original base for support. Norway joined the partnership in late 2014.

As part of its resource mobilization efforts, the CIIP team is actively reaching out and seeking interest from other like-minded traditional and emerging donors.

Discussions are also ongoing about prospects of mobilizing support from interested members of the private sector.