With most of natural resources (fish, iron ore, gold) being concentrated in the North, Nouadhibou Bay – Mauritania’s economic capital– has an unprecedented opportunity to catalyze country wide inclusive growth for the long term benefits of its population. This CIIP Track 3 proposal aims at leveraging co-financing and project funds to sustain industries specific PPD and bottom up competitiveness initiatives to trigger PPP projects.
The project development objective is to attract private investments and to create jobs through the establishment of an Eco-Seafood Competitive Cluster and support of SMEs servicing it. This objective will be achieved through the following instruments and using the full menu of integrated solutions (Nouadhibou Bay/ Free Zone as a Growth Pole for Mauritania, Fresh Fish Value Chain, Green/ Competitive/ Logistics Cluster, Integration Zone-City):
  1. Technical assistance for the creation of a privately-operated eco-seafood competitive cluster in Nouadhibou bay with the required amount of public and private investments (PPI);
  2. Catalytic support to firms, particularly youth and women led local MSMEs, with targeted business development services, technical trainings and TA to a MSMEs program design;
  3. Active support to the establishment of strong and sustained competitive industries PPDs in Mauritania at local and industry levels.
Targeted analytics, public financing advisory and evaluation of project’s progress, targets and results are part of the project preparation and implementation. CIIP will help supervise the implementation of these efforts to the level of quality required for success. In addition to the new proposed T&C Project (IDA Credit, IBRD Enclave Loan, and Guarantees), which will be prepared in close partnership with the French Development Agency (AFD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), ICD of Islamic Development Bank (ICD-IDB) and the European Union Delegation (EU Delegation), this CIIP proposal is uniquely positioned to have an overarching and cross-cutting value added to this engagement and be regarded as the catalyzer for structuring this innovative financing project.

as of June 30, 2015