The Competitive Industries and Innovation Program (CIIP), seeks to provide valuable support to expand the global knowledge frontier on “how to” effectively design and implement competitiveness strategies. It pushes the knowledge frontier on “what works” in competitiveness and innovation by sharing lessons in real time from its active country engagements and by motivating cutting edge operational research across its global network of academic, policy, and industry actors. CIIP knowledge activities aim to impact the dialogue among global thought leaders and regional actors through cutting edge operational research and high profile events.

To help identify activities that would push the knowledge frontier, CIIP relies on a tripartite governance structure comprising World Bank and donors,  the World Bank’s Competitive Industries “Brain Trust” of scholars, and where necessary, industry leaders. 

About half of CIIP resources earmarked for knowledge activities aim to help identify lessons on “nuts and bolts” implementation issues, the other half is devoted to applied research that advances the state of theory and empirical research on competitiveness.  These themes, for instance, the effectiveness of industrial policy instruments and the determinants of growth at the industry and cluster level, are identified in consultation with members of brain trust and industry leaders.

CIIP also organizes high profile knowledge and training events – including an annual global conference – and actively disseminates knowledge products to its expanding network of contacts. In addition, CIIP aims to promote operational learning through active knowledge sharing among project teams, partners, and country stakeholders.

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